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Role of the Game Leader - SSF

Under 6 - 7 age group

The main role of the game leader is to keep the game moving fluently, limit stoppages and assist players with all match re-starts. Most importantly, they must make every effort to create an environment that ensures that all players have fun and have maximum involvement. This person can be a club official, parent, older child / player or beginning referee.

The basic laws and playing conditions;
  • The number of players
    Under 6 & 7 years of age – 4 v 4 (no goalkeeper)
    Maximum of two substitutes nominated. Unlimited number of substitutions (interchange) can be used during the entire game. The coach or parent is allowed to make the substitutions (interchange) while the ball is in play, but must wait until the substituted player has left the field.
  • The ball
    Size 3
  • Duration of the game
    2 x 15 minutes (Half time break 5 minutes)
  • The field of play
    30 metres x 20 metres
  • Start of play or restart after goal
    Game is started with a kick forward to a team-mate from the middle of the halfway line. A goal can not be scored with a direct kick from the kick-off.All players must be in their own half of the field of play. Opponents must be at least 5m away from the ball until it is in play It must touch a team-mate or opposition player to be counted as a goal.
  • Ball crossing the touch line
    There is no throw in. A player from the opposing team to the player that touched the ball last before crossing the touch line will place the ball on the touch line and pass or dribble the ball into play. Opponents must be at least 5m away from the ball until it is in play. The ball must touch a team mate before a goal can be scored.
  • Ball crossing the goal line
    There is no corner kick. Regardless of which team touched the ball last, a player from the team whose goal line the ball has crossed will place the ball anywhere along the goal line and pass or dribble the ball into play. Opponents must retreat to the half way line and can move once the ball is in play. The ball must touch a team mate before a goal can be scored.
  • Offside
    No offside.
  • Fouls and misconduct – Indirect free kicks are awarded for all acts of handball or fouls and misconduct. Opponents must be at least 5m away from the ball when the indirect free kick is taken. (An indirect free kick is where a goal can be scored only if the ball subsequently touches another player before it enters the goal).

The game leader should:

  • Promote player development, participation and fun
  • Encourage all children to have fun and different children to take re-starts.
  • Ensure the correct number of players are on the field
  • Discourage players from permanently over-guarding the goal
    encourage maximum involvement for all players
  • Use a “ Ready, Set, Go” prompt to encourage quick decisions when restarting play
  • Encourage children to dribble or pass the ball into play from all re-starts rather than a big kick.
  • Let the game flow and give instruction to all players on the run where you can.
  • Ensure opposing team is back to the half way line, for all goal line restarts.
  • Remember most acts of handball or fouls and misconduct at this level are caused by a lack of coordination, with no intent. If you decide a deliberate or serious act of handball or foul and misconduct has occurred, explain to the child they have done the wrong thing and that they should not do this again.
  • Ensure team officials and parents create a safe and positive playing environment for the children
  • Ensure team officials and parents uphold a player development and participation focus rather than winning and losing
  • Ensure there are no positions at this age, children should be involved in all aspects of the game
  • Praise and encourage both teams
  • Be enthusiastic, consistent and approachable
  • Remember the children are learning the game – be flexible and patient



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