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Do I need to know a lot about football to be a coach, parent helper or supervisor?

Optus Small Sided Football in the younger age groups has been simplified and under-regulated so it easy to understand for both the children and volunteers. The website www.smallsidedfootball.com.au provides a number of education resources for parents to find out more about Optus Small Sided Football as well as having lots of activities and tips for children.

The major role of the coach / parent helper is to make the football experience of every player and their families as enjoyable as possible. This person will provide the best environment for children to learn, develop and most importantly enjoy the game.

Clubs and Parents can find more information on the community coach education pathway including the Grassroots Football Certificate (an introductory course to help parents and coaches provide quality football experiences for young children) in the coaching section of the FFA website - www.footballaustralia.com.au

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