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Junior Football - Soccer: Moving the focus away from winning or losing

The emphasis of Optus Small Sided Football is on participation and enjoyment, and an associated removal of the current emphasis on the importance of winning. Children are much more likely to enjoy their football playing experience, will be keen to play more often and are less likely to drop out of the game.

To ensure that Optus Small Sided Football is played in the correct spirit and gives all players the best possible chance to develop into the best players they can be. FFA advises that Member Federations, zones, associations and clubs adopt and promote the following advice and recommendation:

  • Under 6 – 10 FFA advises that the keeping of points tables and playing of finals must not be done.
  • Under 11 FFA recommends that the keeping of point’s tables and playing of finals should not be done. FFA recommends that the keeping of point’s tables and playing of finals should not start until children commence playing 11 v 11 football on a full size pitch in the Under 12 age group.

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Small-Sided Football

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